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Human Resources

We employ over 5,000 stuff, with more than 90%of them are professional technical stuff, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, seven national investigation and design masters, one specialist of national “New Century Project of Thousands of Talents”, ninety-six specialists enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council and662 technical titles (including 146 professorate senior engineers).

The corporation has 1,100 technical staff with first-grade resister engineering, including 27register city planners, 87 first class register architects, 157 A level registered structure engineers, 100 register supervisors, 46 register cost estimators, 33 register geotechnical engineers, 52 register consulting engineers, 104 first class register constructors, 33 resister safety engineers, 85 registers mechanical engineers, 75 register electrical engineers, 131 register utilities equipment engineers, 7 register chemical engineers, 20 register equipment supervisors,75 PMP staff and 35 national initial senior project managers in the investigation and designing , 7 national professional bidding experts.  

Academicians once worked in CUC (the Second Institute)(in the order of strokes of Chinese characters ):



Ding Shunnian



Wang Shoujue



Zheng Shiling



Lei Tianjue



Pan Jingfu



Xue Yusheng


Cheng Taining (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Winner of the Liang Sicheng Architecture Award, National Survey & Design Master)

National Survey & Design MasterS:


Pan Qifen



Chen Shaoyuan



Dong Yuan



Zhang Sumin



Zhang Kuangcheng



Zhang Wei


“ Specialist of National New Century Project of Thousands of Talents: Hu Jianlin