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China United Engineering Corporation is a large-sized scientific and technology company, its core division is the Second Design & Research Institute of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry including the Third Design & Research Institute of the United Machinery Industry, the Eleventh Design & Research Institute of the United Machinery,(China United Northwest Engineering Design & Research Institute) and China Jikan Geotechnical Institute, etc. The corporation belongs to a large state-owned industry Corporation as well as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, which headquartered in Hangzhou.

The corporation has over 5,000 stuff; with more than 90% of them are professional technical stuff. We have business all over industrial engineering, energy and environmental engineering, civil architecture, engineering construction, industrial equipment, urban planning, municipal engineering and international business. As one of the earliest large stated-owned comprehensive designing enterprises, we designed and constructed a lot of mainstay enterprises of industrial equipment production which were represented by three major power base: Shanghai Electric Corporation, Dongfang Electric Corporation and Haerbin Electric Corporation, over 300 power stations and thousands of landmark civil architectures. With a history more than 60 years, our business had already extended from simple machinery field to all kinds of industry, power station, architecture, urban planning and municipal engineering. And we had become one of the domestic design units of rank-A comprehensive engineering design qualification. At the same time, we also bring our service concerning from engineering design to the comprehensive and whole process service for engineering construction. As we continuing to do fine design consulting business, and actively explore the general contracting and project management business, vigorously enhance EPC ability to actively participate in international competition. 

For many years, following the operation conception of “Create value for the client” ,CUC completed more than 10000 large projects, mainly prepared or joined preparation of 80 state, local and industry standards and specifications, and won 26 state scientific-technical progress prizes (including 2 golden medals), more than 100 state engineering technical prizes, and 1000 province - and ministry-level prizes. CUC is awarded with “contract abiding & trustworthy enterprise” in the last successive years, and obtains the enterprise credit assessment with grade of AAA.

 We will depend on the comprehensive advantages, providing the owners with all kinds of construction projects at home and abroad all-round services to the entire process. 

Headquarter building located on No.338 Shiqiao Rd., Hangzhou



SINOMACH Research & Development Center Building located in Hangzhou Binjiang High - Tech Development Zone