General Manager of SINOMACH Mr. Xu Jian Visited CUC

Date:2015-8-3 10:14

On August 3rd, general manager of SINOMACH Mr. Xu Jian, accompanied with minister of strategic planning department(corporate culture department) Mr. Xia Wendi, integrated research office director of strategic planning department Mr. Wang Yongxiang and secretary Mr. Cao Xuesheng visited CUC. General manager party secretary Mr. Guo Weihua, vice general managerMr. Shi Dehua and Mr. Lou Jiangning, vice general manager, vice party secretary, commission for discipline inspection Mr. Gu Xiaoshan, vice general manager Mr. Zhao Yongjun, Mr. Ge Jun, Mr. Xing Hongbin, assistant of general manager Mr. Fang Ye, special assistant of general manager Mr. Wang Guoyue and leaders of some relative departments and officers of chief engineer office attended the meeting.

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