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China United Engineering Corporation is a large-scale scientific and technology corporation, its core division is the Second Design & Research Institute of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. Being one of the earliest comprehensive institutes founded by the country, we had completed many kinds of design and innovation of machine factories. In 1958, according to the national division of industry, our corporation mainly took the responsibility of planning the future of industry, basic construction, technology innovation and construction design of power generation equipment manufacturing industry (boiler, turbine, power station auxiliary equipment), general equipment manufacturing industry (blast fans, compressors, pumps, valves, chillers, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, separation equipment, plastic machinery, etc.) and instrumentation manufacturing. As well as we took the responsibility of the relative professional equipments of automatism production line and test equipments, making contribution to the development of Chinese machinery industry.


CUC has lots of specialism in the power generation equipment manufacturing industry, general equipment manufacturing industry and some other state major industries, with large-scale, overloading, high-speed, high-pressure, high-temperature, high-precision, large torque and strong impact. The forging, smithing and finish machining for the major components of rough casting; the welding, heat treatment for large steel structures and container; the test equipments for thick-walled parts, pipe fittings of non-destructive are the key to ensure the performance and quality of the products, which is an important issue to engineering design and construction. Through decades of years, our corporation insisted on analyzing the key techniques, introducing the advanced technical equipments, developing the special tester and professional equipments, such as steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors and other turbo machinery, large-scale pumps, valves, whole equipments tester, large-scale heat-treatment equipments and large-scale components welding equipments. We have reached the international advanced level in many fields, such as the settlement of hundreds of tons of heavy crane lifting capacity in heavy factory, over-large equipment base, special structural design technology and the corresponding public utilities, and solved other special technical issues.


After the reform and opening up, CUC fully used the advantage of industry engineering design, comprehensive technique and plenty of engineering practice experience. We also adjusted our business structure, enlarged our service range and the business in engineering industry, finished a lot of design projects about locomotives, shipbuilding, light industry, textiles, electronics, fine chemicals, biomedicine, petroleum machinery, commercial food, military business and so on. The corporation has formed a basic style and a special brand in industry engineering design, as well as made plenty of contribution to the Chinese industry and national economic development, with abundant accomplishments.


In recent years, aimed by "being an international engineering corporation first-class in domestic and famous abroad , "our corporation completed a series of industrial engineering, general contracting of engineering equipment,  features technology business EPC and international industrial engineering projects, and made a solid foundation for comprehensive, healthy and sustainable development for the industrial engineering business. Our corporation has gained 26 awards of Scientific and Technological Progress of China and the Excellent Design Award of China (two 1st rank awards)  ,over 850 provincial awards, with a lead position in this field.


Industrial Engineering Center of CUC has various kinds of professional equipment and more than 300 stuff, with over 30 professor level senior engineers, over 60 senior engineers and over 100 stuff with other kinds of resister engineers.



View of Design Office



On April 2009, Mr. Jiang Zemin visited design office of Industry Engineering Center

Contact of Industry Engineering Center:

The First Industrial Engineering Design & Research Institute:
      Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155027
      Business Office:0571-88151901
       Comprehensive Technology Studio:88151870
      Architecture Studio0571-88151879
      Structure Studio:0571-88151878
      Public Equipment Studio (Electric):0571-88151891
      Public Equipment Studio (Water Supply & Drainage):0571-88151890
      Public Equipment Studio (Heating Power):0571-88151892

The First Industrial Engineering Design & Research Institute:
      Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88151873
       Comprehensive Technology Studio:0571-88151869
      Architecture Studio:0571-88151953
      Structure Studio:0571-88151877
      Public Studio (Electric):0571-88151874
      Public Studio (Water Supply & Drainage):0571-88151871
      Public Studio (Heating Power):0571-88151875
      Logistics Studio:0571-88155736

The Third Engineering Construction Company :
     Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155681
     Purchasing Department:0571-88155683
     Business Department:0571-88155682