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The establishment of considerable development, is holding

Been founded in 1960's, Energy Segment of CUC was developed a strong team of experts during these 50 years. There are Energy & Environment Engineering Company, Electrical Engineering Design & Research Institute and International Trade Company belong to Energy Engineering Center.There are over 300 staffs in the center, with all kinds of professions and full of experience in power plant, power station, consulting, design, sets of equipment, project management and general construction of engineering of environment engineering. Until now there are more than 300 projects in all kinds of fields, with special advantage in pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB) power generation,Gas-Stream circular power generation,combined cooling heating power generation,waste incineration power generation, biomass power generation,diesel generator and power plant flue gas treatment. Now we have the capability to design 30MKW and 60MKW power plant. Our business scope and advantages are as follow:  


Heating Project is the traditional industry of The Energy Engineering Center. Until now, the types of the projects we had designed were: boiler 35t / h ~ 1030t / h; furnace involved in the chain furnace; pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB); steam turbine 3MW ~ 300MW; models involved in pumping condensate machine (single pump, double pumping) and back-pressure machine. The corporation has accumulated rich experience in thermal power projects with 20 years of engineering design, especially in the circulating fluidized boilers, and being one of the institutes which owns the most achievement in national industry. The corporation has invented to take the petroleum coke as fuel in circulating fluidized boiler of thermal power engineering and participated the petrochemical industry in one fell swoop. After undertaking a large number of power center projects of petrochemical industry, this kind of design become one of business features of company.


The technique of gas-stream circular power plant was started since the mid of 1980’s, and have already designed decades of projects. The fuel related to heavy oil, diesel and natural gas; the type involved in power generation, peak shaving, and heating; gas turbine size of 36MW ~ 173MW; Plant scale 50MW ~ 100MW and the largest gas turbine of the projects has a capacity of 173MW. Our company is one of the earliest enterprises which design the gas turbine combined cycle power plant in the country. Among the projects, PG6000 series of gas turbine is the majority. The types we designed almost covering all types of gas turbine power plant. We also made a lot of technical reserves of IGCC which based on gas turbine, in order to meet the technological development.


CUC got involvement in waste incineration power generation technique since 1990’s and we exchanged a lot experience with foreign companies. Since 2000, we have taken charge of a large number of projects. The disposal ability of the waste furnace is 150t-1000t, including pyrolysis furnace grate furnace and circulating fluidized furnace. At the same time, our company has investigated about waste integrated treatment, and found out the integrated treatments about waste separation, anaerobic fermentation and gasification power generation, avoiding the environmental pollution by burning waste directly.


After 2000, the flue gas desulfurization of large-scale thermal power plant becoming hot, our company timely accessed to this area and undertook a large number of flue gas desulfurization project with the cooperated of desulphurization companies. The scale of the Desulfurization project is 300MW - 900MW. Wet FGD desulphurization technology is the majority, for small desulfurization project we also designed e-beam desulfurization technology. At present, the flue gas desulfurization has become important source of business of our company.


Along with the introduction of the new energy policy and the increase proportion of new energy sources in electricity planning, Chinese new energy generation appear with a good momentum of development. Our company has involved in straw power generation, and undertook the design of the four projects through which to improve the technique of project design.

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