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Engineering Construction Center Segment Profile:


The implementation of specialized and  standardized of constructing management is an international practice, but also the requirement of strengthening investment management, improving investment returns, developing the industrial division and improving international competitiveness as the rapid development of Chinese socialist market economy.


As being a large-scale comprehensive designing institute, our corporation studied the rules of market development seriously, explored the road of sustainable development actively; expended the business of general contracting, project management, units of equipments and construction supervision bravely. We have awarded the Grade A qualification of general contracting, cost consulting and construction supervision. We also gained the right to operate abroad directly, and gradually established the developing direction of the corporation.


In 2001, according to the reorganization of many national Survey and Design Institute, China United Engineering Corporation formally established. We further established the development strategy on international engineering, and reform the organization and system of the enterprise. At the same time, we studied the advanced theory of domestic and abroad counterparts, innovated the systems of management and business operation, developed the market of general contracting, project management and practicing government assigned agent. As completed lots of projects in civilian architecture engineering, industrial engineering, electric power, industrial equipment, urban planning and municipal engineering, we gained lots of experience, strengthened our working team, improved the returns and we are trying to enter the international market.


Among the projects we had done in recent years, we gained lots of national awards, including “Lu Ban Award”, “Zhan Tianyou Chinese Civil Engineering Award”, “Ten Construction Application of New Technology Demonstration Project”,” “Bronze Key Award for General Contract” and “Project Management Silver Award”. Our corporation gained the Honor of "Excellent General Contracting Enterprise”, which was handed by China Survey and Design Association at Chinese sixtieth anniversary of founding.


Contact of Engineering Construction Center:

The First Engineering Construction Company:

Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155043

Consultation Management Office:0571-88155047

Management and Development Office:0571-88155046

Engineering Implement Office :0571-88155047

The Second Engineering Construction Company:

Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155039

Technical Consultation Office:0571-88155034

Purchasing Management Office:0571-88151941

Technology Quality & Safety Office:0571-88153174

Implementation and Management Office:0571-88155727

Management and Development Office:0571-88153174

Xin'an Construction Supervision Co., Ltd.,:

Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88151937

Management and Development Office:0571-88155638

Implementation and Management Office:0571-88155637

City Construction Design & Research Institute:

Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155701

Architecture Studio:0571-88155703

Structure Studio:0571-88155710

Engineering Management Consultant Company:

    Cost of Construction Office:0571-88155631

    Consultion Office:0571-88155635

    Bidding Agent Office :0571-88155636

Construction Engineering Company: