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China United Engineering Corporation (CUC) is a large-scale, technology-intensive and state-owned engineering company. Originally established as the No.2 Design & Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery & Industry, CUC is a subsidiary of the Fortune Global 500 conglomerate China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). CUC has its headquarters in Hangzhou, China.The headquarter of china united engineering corporation has relocated from NO.338 Shiqiao road ,Xiacheng District,Hangzhou to NO.1060 Binan Road,Binjiang District,Hangzhou,310052 since 16th June, 2014. And the telephone number,fax etc remain unchanged(constant).


CUC presently employs over 6000 people, of which more than 95% belong to the technical staff. 7 senior academicians from both the Chinese Academy of Engineering & the Chinese Academy of Sciences have worked as CUC’s staff during the decades since the company’s establishment. Currently, CUC employs 1 senior academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 7 National Masters of Engineering Investigation & Design; 1 National Specialist of the “New Century Million Talents Project”; 101 National Experts enjoying special government subsidy from the State Council; 1020 Expert Engineers with Senior Technician titles (including 164 with titles of Professorate Senior Engineer). Among the company’s staff may also be found 1335 technicians with National First-Grade Engineering Technician Registrations; as well as 76 Project Management Professionals (PMPs), certified by the US-based Project Management Institute (PMI).


Currently CUC operates in the following 7 main business sectors: Industrial Engineering; Civil Engineering; Energy & Environmental Engineering; Engineering Construction; Industrial Equipment; Urban Planning & Municipal Engineering; and Overseas Engineering. As one of the large-scale comprehensive engineering design institutes with the longest history in China, CUC designed the production and research bases of many national major industrial equipment manufacturers, among them the power-generation equipment production bases of Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric and Harbin Electrics. CUC also designed and constructed over 300 power plants and thousands of landmark civil and commercial buildings. During the course of the past 60 years, CUC has withstood the fierce competition in the Chinese and global engineering market, and in addition to its original core business sector (industrial equipment), has steadily extended the reach of its business operations into industrial engineering, electricity, civil architecture and urban planning, among others. CUC was among the first batch of engineering companies in China to be awarded the Class-A Engineering Design Integrated Qualification Certificate, and in addition to engineering design services, in recent decades CUC has successfully extended its service range to include other stages of an engineering project, such as pre-contractual consultation and/or project management. Along with a relentless effort to strengthen its expertise in engineering design, CUC has also focused on building its capacity in Project Management, as well as in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracting. Geographically, in addition to the domestic Chinese market, CUC is taking an increasingly active part in the global engineering scene, having established branch offices in South Asia, South America and Africa.


During the 7 ongoing decades since its establishment, CUC has always upheld its core business principle: Creating Value For Our Clients. As of today, CUC has successfully executed the design and/or construction of more than 20000 engineering projects of large and medium scale; participated (as a major contributor) in the development of more than 100 national, regional and industrial technical standards; been awarded 28 National Award for Technological Advances (among which 2 were First-grade awards); been awarded more than 100 Outstanding Engineering Technology Awards at the national level, and more than 1000 such awards at the provincial level. On the Official Ranking List of more than 10000 engineering companies in China, issued by the Ministry of Housing & Urban-Rural Development, CUC has consistently been listed among the Top 100, with its historical highest ranking in the 11th place nationwide. CUC has also consistently ranked 10th among the Top 60 Design Firms in China, an industrial ranking list issued annually by the Engineering News-Record (ENR) Magazine of the U.S. CUC has also consistently been awarded the Contract-abiding and Creditworthy Award, as well as a long-standing AAA-Grade Enterprise Credit Rating.

With its salient competitive advantages, CUC will continue to provide all-round, integrative services to its valued clients at home and abroad.

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