Concept of Talent

CUC is propped up by a variety of talents, and the value of CUC is also created by the stuff together. Therefore, we regard stuff as our most valuable fortune, willing to absorb best and most potential talent people all over the world, hoping that every employee would have a good development in the company.

The family is combined by individual persons with different characters. We value people, respect people, and firmly believe that the progress of individual employees and the development of enterprises solidarity. The vitality of CUC is from the creativity of the employees. As the employees working hard, CUC will flourish, and the employees innovating, CUC will keep its vitality. The development of CUC needs to be driven by the strength of the staff. On the other hand, development of individual needs CUC providing opportunities and space. Our pursuit is developing businesses of CUC and employees at the same time.

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