Speech by the President

After more than half a century of wind and rain, the China United Engineering Company to create a brilliant performance, the accumulation of heavy culture, the formation of its own characteristics and advantages. Here, I would like to thank all the new and old friends from all walks of life for a long time to my company's care, support and love!

We clearly recognize that, with the domestic economy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, change the mode of growth, as well as economic globalization, the pace of international market to further accelerate the development of China's consulting industry is facing enormous challenges.

However, risk and opportunity. In the face of increasingly severe competition situation, we will fully rely on the strength of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation, give full play to "Chinese" comprehensive advantages, and strive to build a "Chinese joint" development platform, advocate "seeking truth from facts, democratic centralism, people-oriented, harmonious development" management culture, carefully to create a "fair and harmonious" internal the environment, always follow the "development for staff development, relying on staff, development of the concept of development by the staff of sharing, continue to do fine design consulting business at the same time, and constantly improve the project contract and project management profitability, and actively explore.

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