Our Company Has been Awarded The "First Prize of The Best Tax Contribution Enterprise" by the People's Government of Hangzhou Xiacheng District

Release time: 2018-06-01 Article source: A+AA-

 In the afternoon of May 31th, outstanding figures·2018 Commendation Conference on economic work of Xiacheng District was held in Central Hall of Zhejiang exhibition hall in Wulin Square. Nearly 500 entrepreneurs gathered on behalf of the guests to conspire to develop Xiacheng District's major plans. The people's government of Hangzhou Xiacheng District awards the national talent introduction prize, the best tax contribution enterprise, the most innovative enterprise, the most growing enterprise and the best platform operator to the enterprise representatives. Our company has been Awarded the "first prize of the best tax contribution enterprise" . Mr. Qian Xiangdong, vice chairman of the company, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chief financial officer, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

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