Gu xiaoshan meets with the President of the Republic of Colombia

Release time: 2019-08-01 Article source: A+AA-

  On July 30, the General Manager of CUC and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Gu Xiaoshan, was invited to Shanghai to attend the china-colombia Economic and Trade Forum, during the forum, he met with the President of the Republic of Colombia, Dr. Ivan Duke, who was on a state visit to China.Gu provided an overview of CUC’s development and introduced over ten years’ developing exploration history of engineering projects in Colombia,especially the two EPC projects,G3&G2 coal-fired power stations. He also hopes a long-term co-operation with GECELCA in the future.President Duke showed great interest in CUC’s specialty business such as Photovoltaic Generation and Incineration Plant etc, which are also in desperate need in Colombia now. He encouraged CUC to take more active part in the construction of infrastructure projects in Colombia,including roads,ports,logistics and industrial parks,airports etc.After the meeting, President Duke and General Manager Gu Xiaoshan took photos together and exchanged gifts.

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