Yuan Jiajun Investigated the Project of the Beautiful Cities and Towns in Meicheng

Release time: 2020-07-02 Article source: A+AA-

  On April 22, Yuan Jiajun, deputy secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and governor of Zhejiang Province, investigated the Project of the Beautiful Cities and Towns in Meicheng. Hangzhou Party Secretary Zhou Jiangyong, Acting Mayor Liu Xin and other leaders accompany. Party secretary, Chairman of CUC Guo Weihua, Party Committee members, Deputy General Manager, Board Secretary Shen Ruihong also accompanied.

  Meicheng project was contracted by our company. The project was divided into two phases, the first phase of which mainly included the landscape upgrading, road construction and reconstruction in the north, the facade renovation of the main street, the construction of the Yudai river system, the newly-built Longshan Academy and the Fan Gong Temple, etc. For now 85% of work has been completed.Phase II includes along the river skyline elevation transformation, Chengnan road, Sanxing Street, Houli road, Dongmen Street, citizen road transformation project. Now the whole project has been finished. 

  After hearing the report on the construction of the project, Governor Yuan fully affirmed the achievements of our company's construction, and pointed out that the implementation of the "Millennium Old City" revitalization program was included in this year's work report of the provincial government. We should seize this historic opportunity to promote cultural, industrial and ecological revival.


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