CUC Held The 2022 Annual Commendation Conference And The Glorious Commemorative Medal Awarding Ceremony

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   On January 11, CUC held annual and glorious commemorative medal award ceremony.

  Qian Xiangdong, CUC's Party Secretary and Chairman; Shen Ruihong, the company's deputy party secretary and General Manager; Zhang Yu, the company's Deputy Party Secretary and Director; Xing Hongbin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CUCED;Xu Gang, member of the Party Committee and Scecretary of the Disciplinary Committee ; Guo Ye, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the company; and Guo Ye, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CMCU, were seated at the rostrum.

  The meeting hosted by Shen Ruihong.

  In recognition of the outstanding contributions of the advanced collectives and individuals, and to inspire all the cadres and workers to strive for excellence in the future, a grand ceremony was held.“Model worker”in 2022, “Advanced staff”in 2022,“Excellent Communist Party Member”, “Excellent Party Worker”and“Advanced Party Branch”in 2022, company 2022“Trade union work activists”, “Excellent trade union workers”, “Advanced collective trade union work”, the 8th“Top Ten Youth”and the 2022 outstanding projects, External Engineering and Technology Awards outstanding projects and project winners in batches on stage to receive recognition.

  Zhang Lizong, representative of“Advanced workers” and“Advanced Party Branch”, representative of“Three engineering companies”, representative of“Model workers”, “Advanced workers” and“Top ten youth”, “Model workers”, “Advanced workers”on behalf of CMCU fang Yu as a representative of the award-winning speech on stage. Together, they reviewed their hard work and achievements over the past year, shared their work and life experiences, and pledged to continue to make greater contributions to high-quality development of CUC.

  The conference awarded the glorious commemorative medal to whom had worked in CUC for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years. Qianxiangdong read out the list of the employees who have been on the job for 40 years, awarded them medals. So awarded other staffs by the podium leadership.

  As the recipient of the medal of honor for 40years of service,Su songhong reviewed three great leaps and bounds of development and transformation that CUC and individuals have gone through. Firstly, the enterprise management of institutions, change from the planned economy fo fight in the social market; Secondly the transformation of systems and enterprises;Thirdly developed from Design to EPC, rushing to building an Domestic first-class engineering company. He feel grateful for CUC provide such a grate platform with advantages and Trust and cultivate by several generations of CUC leaders.Sus speech aroused the strong resonance of the participants, Stand firmly for convictions of building CUC into century-year-old institute of design.

  2023 will mark the 70th anniversary of CUC.Filled with hope, all the staff should stay closely around, focus on the development strategy of Bigger、Better、Stronger,strengthen their confidence, unite their forces and forge ahead, achieve all goals with high quality.We should fight for making CUC a century institute of design, make contribute to developing Sino-Mach being a world-class global competitive enterprises.


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